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All You Need To Know About Oxygen Concentrator

What Is an O Concentrator?

A chemical element concentrator could be a medical device that gives supplemental or further chemical elements to a patient with respiratory problems. The device consists of a mechanical device, sieve bed filter, chemical element tank, pressure valve, and nasal tubing (or chemical element mask).

Like an Associate in Nursing chemical element cylinder or tank, a concentrator provides chemical elements to a patient via a mask or nasal tubes. However, not like chemical element cylinders, a concentrator doesn’t need filling and may offer chemical elements twenty-four hours daily. A typical chemical element concentrator will offer between five to ten liters per minute (LPM) of a pure chemical element.

How will Associate in Nursing chemical element Concentrator Work?

A chemical element concentrator works by filtering and concentrating chemical element molecules from the close air to produce patients with ninetieth to ninety-fifth pure chemical elements. The mechanical device of the chemical element concentrator sucks close air and adjusts the pressure that it’s provided.


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The sieve bed manufactured from a crystalline material referred to as mineral separates the element from the air. A concentrator has 2 sieve beds that job to each unharness chemical element into a cylinder moreover as discharge the separated element into the air. This forms a continual loop that keeps manufacturing pure chemical elements. The pressure valve helps regulate chemical element offer starting from five to ten liters per minute. The compressed chemical element is then distributed to the patient through a nasal tubing (or chemical element mask).

Who Should Use an Oxygen Concentrator And When?

According to pulmonologists, solely delicate to moderately unwell patients with chemical element saturation levels between ninetieth to ninety-four ought to use an Associate in Nursing chemical element concentrator below medical steerage. Patients with chemical element saturation levels as low as eighty-fifths may also use chemical element concentrators in emergency things or until they get hospital admission. However, it’s counseled that such patients switch to a cylinder with higher chemical element flow and find admitted to a hospital as presently as doable. The device isn’t judicious for ICU patients.

What area unit the various forms Oxygen Concentrators?

There are unit 2 forms of chemical element concentrators:

Continuous flow: this sort of concentrator provides an identical flow of chemical elements each minute unless it’s not turned off no matter whether or not the patient is respiratory the chemical element or not.

Pulse dose: These concentrators area unit relatively sensible as they’re ready to sight the respiratory pattern of the patient and unharness chemical element upon police investigation inhalation. The chemical element discharged by pulse dose concentrators varies per minute.

How are area unit chemical element Concentrators completely different From chemical element Cylinders And LMO?
Oxygen concentrators area units are the most effective alternatives to cylinders and liquid medical chemical elements, and that area units are relatively tough to store and transport.

Whereas concentrators are unit dearer than cylinders, they’re for the most part a one-time investment and have low operational prices. not like cylinders, concentrators don’t need filling and may keep manufacturing chemical elements twenty-four hours daily victimization solely close to air and electricity offer. However, the foremost downside of concentrators is that they’ll solely offer five to ten liters of chemical elements per minute. This makes them unsuitable for crucial patients WHO could need forty to forty-five liters of pure chemical elements per minute.

Oxygen Concentrator worth In Asian country

The cost of chemical element concentrators varies relying upon what proportion of chemical elements they turn out per minute. In Pakistan, a five LPM chemical element concentrator will value somewhere around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000. a ten LPM chemical element concentrator will value Rs. 1.3 – 1.5 Lakhs.

Things to contemplate when shopping for an Associate in Nursing chemical element Concentrator
Before you get a chemical element concentrator, it’s necessary to consult a doc to understand the number of chemical elements per metric capacity unit that the patient needs. in line with medical and business consultants, an individual ought to contemplate the subsequent points before obtaining a chemical element concentrator:

One of the foremost necessary factors to contemplate once shopping for an Associate in Nursing chemical element concentrator is to examine its rate of flow capabilities. rate of flow indicates the speed at which a chemical element is in a position to travel from the chemical element concentrator to the patient. The rate of flow is measured in liters per minute (LPM).

The capability of the chemical element concentrator should be over your demand. as an example if you need three.5 LPM chemical element concentrator, you ought to obtain a five LPM concentrator. Similarly, if your demand could be a five LPM concentrator, you ought to purchase an Associate in Nursing eight LPM machine.
Check the number of sieves and filters of the chemical element concentrator. The chemical element quality output of a concentrator depends on the number of sieves/ filters. The chemical element created by the concentrator should be 90-95% pure.
Some of the opposite factors to contemplate when choosing an Associate in Nursing chemical element concentrator area unit power consumption, movability, noise levels, and warrant.
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Due to a colossal surge in COVID-19 cases all across Asian countries, there’s Associate in Nursing acute shortage of medical chemical elements. With chemical element cylinders briefly offer, the concentrator has emerged because of the most sought-after device for chemical element medical care. However, it’s necessary to notice that the device ought to solely be employed by individuals with delicate COVID-19. The device is unsuitable for individuals with chemical element saturation levels below eighty-fifth and people with severe COVID-19. Such individuals ought to get immediate medical attention.

If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, then you’ll be able to book an Associate in Nursing RT-PCR checks to understand your standing. you ought to conjointly consult an attention supplier if you’ve got any queries on COVID-19.

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