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Oxygen tanks are large metal cylinders that store oxygen under pressure (compressed oxygen). They’re part of oxygen therapy. If you have a lung condition or difficulty breathing, oxygen tanks help your body get the oxygen it needs to function. The oxygen may be in gas or liquid form. Oxygen cylinders have a fixed amount of oxygen compressed inside them. It allows a patient to inhale oxygen until it runs out. On the other hand, oxygen concentrators can produce an unlimited supply of oxygen by filtering and producing medical-grade oxygen as the battery that powers this mechanism has life.

Are you in need of immediate medical assistance in Rawalpindi & Islamabad? Look no further, because Asad Surgical Shop has your back with our prompt and reliable service for Oxygen cylinders on Rent and Sale in Rawalpindi & Islamabad. We understand that access to oxygen is critical, especially in emergencies. Therefore, our top priority is ensuring you can quickly and easily rent oxygen cylinders in Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Whether for home care or hospital use, our cylinders are always ready to meet your oxygen requirements.

Procedure Details

Oxygen Cylinder (Oxygen tanks) are used to store fuel for:
clinical respiration (oxygen therapy) at scientific centers and at home (excessive strain cylinder)
respiration at altitude in aviation, either in a decompression emergency or continuously (as in an unpressurized plane), usually in high-pressure cylinders
oxygen first aid sets, in small transportable excessive-pressure cylinders[1]
gas blending, for mixing respiration gases inclusive of nitrox, trimix, and heliox
open-circuit scuba units – particularly used for increased decompression in technical diving, in high-stress cylinders
some kinds of diving rebreathers: are oxygen rebreathers and completely closed circuit rebreathers, usually in excessive pressure cylinders.

use in mountaineering, “Bottled oxygen” refers to oxygen in lightweight excessive strain cylinders for mountain climbing[citation needed]
industrial processes, which include the manufacture of metallic and money
oxyacetylene welding device, glass lampworking torches, and a few fuel-reducing torches, normally in excessive-pressure cylinders
use as liquid rocket propellants for rocket engines, usually as liquid oxygen at ambient pressure

asad surgical shop oxygen cylinder

asad surgical shop oxygen cylinder

What conditions are treated or managed with an oxygen Cylinder?

Oxygen tanks can help if you have:
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Cystic fibrosis.
Heart failure.
Lung cancer.
Respiratory trauma (rib fracture, collapsed lung, bruised lung).
Sleep apnea.
Using an oxygen tank also doesn’t require you to have a condition that affects your breathing. Some people use oxygen tanks when they visit high-altitude areas. This includes athletes.

How Do I Use Oxygen Cylinder?

To get started at home with a metal tank, attach the regulator or conserver if you use one. Then attach your nasal cannula or face mask and turn on the oxygen to the prescribed flow rate. If you are using a conserver, you won’t feel oxygen flow out of the nasal cannula until it is connected and you take a breath.

How long will I need to use an oxygen cylinder?

It depends on why you need to use an oxygen tank.
If you have a short-term condition, you may only need an oxygen tank until you recover.
If you have a long-lasting condition, you may need to use an oxygen tank for the rest of your life. A healthcare provider will work with you to adjust to living with an oxygen tank so it doesn’t interfere with your normal activities, including work, bathing, exercising, and traveling.

How common are oxygen cylinders?

Oxygen tanks are common. More than 1.5 million people in the United States use oxygen tanks as part of their supplemental oxygen therapy.

Risks / Benefits

What are the potential benefits of using an oxygen cylinder?

The main benefit of using an oxygen tank is that it helps you breathe easier. It isn’t a cure and might not completely relieve shortness of breath. But it should make it easier for you to breathe.

Other benefits include:

More energy. Your mind and body can feel tired if you’re not getting enough oxygen. An oxygen tank can deliver more oxygen to your bloodstream, increasing your energy levels and allowing you to be more active, including exercise.
Sleep better. More oxygen in your blood allows you to sleep better at night.

Can you refill an oxygen cylinder at home?

You can refill an oxygen concentrator at home as long as you have electricity or batteries to run it. Home oxygen refill systems also allow you to fill compressed air oxygen tanks from home. They compress air from the room around you. It can take up to a few hours to fill a tank.

Can anyone fill an oxygen cylinder?\

No, you need a prescription from a healthcare provider to get and fill an oxygen tank.

What are the risks or complications of using Oxygen Cylinder?

Oxygen isn’t flammable. But it makes fire burn hotter and faster and can result in an explosion. Make sure you keep your oxygen tank at least 10 feet away from open flames, sources of high temperatures and flammable materials, including:
Cigarettes and cigars.
Paints and paint thinner.
Rubbing alcohol.
Oil-based products, such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline®).
It’s a good idea to put “No smoking” signs around the entrances of your home. If you need a topical or lubricating ointment, use a water-based product, such as K-Y Jelly®.

You should also avoid using electrical equipment around your oxygen tank. There’s a risk that electrical equipment can spark and cause a fire. This includes items such as:

Electric blankets.
Space heaters.
Electric razors.
Vape pens.
If you use an oxygen concentrator, it’s a good idea to keep at least one extra set of fully charged batteries handy in case your power goes out. You should have enough batteries available to run your oxygen concentrator for a few days.

Oxygen tanks can also be heavy. A falling oxygen tank can cause an injury or break. If it breaks, escaping air could send the tank soaring through the air. Always secure your oxygen tank in a carrier or cart.

Avoid contact with liquid oxygen. Exposure to your skin can cause cryogenic burns or frostbite.

When To Call the Doctor

When should I call a healthcare provider?

While using an oxygen tank, you should call a healthcare provider if you have symptoms that affect your breathing, as well as:
Memory loss.
Nausea and vomiting.
These are signs of oxygen poisoning. Oxygen poisoning is when breathing in too much supplemental oxygen damages your lungs.

Can you buy an oxygen cylinder?

You can’t buy oxygen tanks over the counter. If you need a new oxygen tank, reach out to an Asad Surgical Shop.

How to Buy Oxygen Cylinder?

Talk to a healthcare provider Pk-medics. They can recommend the best oxygen concentrator for you according to your condition, situation, and lifestyle.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

If you have a condition that affects your breathing or are going to spend time in a high-altitude area, you may need an oxygen tank. Using a nasal cannula or an oxygen mask may be uncomfortable at first. Transporting a portable tank may require some adjustments. But an oxygen tank shouldn’t prevent you from participating in many of your regular activities. Talk to a healthcare provider if you have any questions or feelings of uncertainty. They can help you acclimate to using an oxygen tank.
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