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Too much dry fruit consumption in winter can be dangerous

Excessive use of dry fruits can also have disadvantages, they contain a lot of sugar and calories, high sugar can increase the blood sugar level of diabetic patients, and some fruits contain salt, which is harmful to blood pressure patients. There may be an increase in diseases in the body due to the harm caused by the use of dry fruit.

If you use them in food, it will be better to use them in the proper amounts. Choose a small bowl while eating dry fruits, because in this way we will eat dry fruits in less quantity.

It has a lot of calories and eating more calories. It causes weight gain. When obese people consume these extra calories, these extra calories further create fat in our bodies.

Fiber is found in sufficient quantity in dry fruits. Suffering from gas and dysentery May not be available or may suffer from early problems. For more information visit website or contact 03366057620.

While buying dry fruits, we should keep in mind that the dry fruits we are buying. How many calories are in them or how much sugar is used in some dried fruits? Fruit juice is used to sweeten them.

Excessive consumption of dry fruits in the winter season is dangerous

Gastrointestinal problems

Since dry fruits are rich in fiber and fiber is beneficial for the stomach and intestines, we use fiber foods in our daily diet. In such cases, using dry fruits will accumulate more fiber in the body, which can cause stomach aches, constipation, gas problem or diarrhea, and peaches. If we use them properly in our diet, it will They cannot cause problems. Instead of eating too much at one time, they can be taken in small amounts in a day, thus avoiding their negative effects. Otherwise, dry fruits can cause weight gain.

Forming blisters in the mouth

Walnuts should be eaten in small quantities because they can cause sore throat and blisters in the mouth. It speeds up the metabolism. Drinking tea after eating walnuts can be harmful. Consuming more calories increases the water content of dried fruit as it is dried and contains more water than fresh fruit. are eaten which means we are consuming more calories than fruits for example one cup of grapes has 150 calories while one cup of raisins has 520 calories which is quite high in comparison.

Tooth decay from dried fruit

Dried fruit contains natural sugars in the form of fructose. A layer of sugar is used to protect the dried fruit from moisture and stick it together. It causes decay. By eating them, sugar sticks to the teeth and causes tooth decay, so they must be brushed after eating to prevent tooth decay.

Increase in sugar

Some dry fruits contain a lot of sugar or the extra layer of sugar on the fruit increases the blood sugar level, especially in raisins. Going feels weak and tired.

Increase in blood pressure

Salt is used to increase the taste of dry fruits, especially pistachios. Being. Dry fruit is rich in fiber, which is good for our intestines and stomach, but too much of it can be harmful to the stomach. Excess fiber puts more burden on the stomach and intestines and causes diarrhea. or can cause constipation Eating almonds without soaking causes constipation and eating bitter almonds also increases the risk of suffering from eye disease.

Very few of you may know that if we eat dry fruits in large quantities, we can do some harm Ego can fall. If you eat dry fruits in excess, you may face problems like stomach aches, and asthma.

While many people start consuming dry fruits indiscriminately as soon as they hear about the benefits. Whatever the dry fruits are, it is advisable to consume them in limited quantities

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