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What are the best Panadol alternative tablets in Pakistan?

We take Panadol routinely, now it has become like a candy, whenever there is some health problem, we immediately think of this tablet. Panadol has become like the national medicine of Pakistan. If your head If it hurts, it will heal; If you have a stomach ache, this will help; If your body aches after a fun trip with your friends, this will help you get ready for your next trip. For more information and medical advice, visit an experienced specialist at Marham. Refer to or call 03366057620.

Pakistan’s rare tablet

This valuable drug paracetamol is responsible for the rise in dengue and coronavirus cases, as well as monsoon floods and waterborne diseases. Widely used and in high demand since then, it is currently in short supply in Pakistan. Unfortunately, due to floods and a bad economy, Panadol production in Pakistan was stopped, and its market is now small. Is. Dengue cases are high, it is also very important for flood victims, and many people need it but don’t know what the alternatives are. Here is a list of some alternatives that you can buy to treat yourself.

Panadol Alternatives

Brand Name Developer
AsparolAskari Pharmaceuticals
DisprolRB Pakistan
DoliprinSanofi Events
BustamolBosch Pharmaceuticals
ParacetamolFeroz Sons Laboratories
PracoloGlitz Pharma
WomolWeller Pharmaceuticals
(Panadol alternative medicine in Pakistan)

Reasons for Shortage of Panadol

Experts attribute the shortage of Panadol mainly to its high demand which has affected its production. Ali Khizr, a journalist, has stated that it manufactures more than 450 million tablets of Panadol every month.

However, the company’s cost of production is higher than the maximum retail price set by the government, which is why it has reduced its production to a minimum, resulting in a decline.

What is Panadol?

It is a pain reliever that is commonly used by people. It is often taken to treat fever, muscle aches, headaches, etc. It is also a weak anti-inflammatory agent and thus can treat a slightly wider range of ailments. It works by blocking the production of chemicals that cause pain in the body. It is one of the most commonly used drugs (a drug that does not require a prescription).

Panadol formula

The main chemical that gives Panadol its special properties is paracetamol.

Panadol manufacturers

Panadol manufacturer (GSK-SmithKline) in Pakistan and there are other manufacturers in different forms.

What are the available forms of Panadol in Pakistan?

It is available in a wide range of forms. These include tablets, injections, syrups, infusions, suspensions, drops for children, capsules, extended-release capsules, gel capsules, tablets, and orally disintegrating tablets. Migraine pain associated with gout Stiff back pain for relief from mild fever.

How to take Panadol?

Can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. However, these doctors may better recommend that people take it with food or on an empty stomach, as it does not cause or aggravate pre-existing cases of gastritis, making Panadol safe for people with gastrointestinal problems.

Panadol can be considered a staple in many homes in Pakistan and is often found in many first aid kits. As a pain reliever, it is used to treat various specific pains in the body.

However, being a medicine, it should always be taken with care and caution. Misuse of medicine, even Panadol can also result in unwanted side effects. If you have pain, seek medical advice first, and be sure to see a good doctor to get to the root of the problem.

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